Artist Statement

I started designing my own quilts very soon after I learned the basics of quilting.  Inspired by the Rochester International Jazz Festival, Night Music became my first original quilt.  Even though I had little sense of design and execution, I still love my first art quilt because it expresses the joy I found as the music rose into the stars.

Night Music, 2005

Over the years, I increased my skills through studying with creative leaders in the field, experimented with materials and techniques, and become more daring in executing my design concepts. I introduced more dimensionality and color to my work to explore the interaction of light and texture.

Most of my work starts with photographs I have taken in my backyard or through my travels. I am inspired by nature in all of its variations.

Forever Free, 2019

By moving to more stylized or abstract designs, I hope to represent the emotion I feel in the creative process. It is the work that comes from my heart that sings the most.

Restless Layer, 2023
Restless Layers, 2023


Artist and Activist