From Oppressed to Oppressor: My Family History 2016 46″ x 37″

From Oppressed to Oppressor – A Family History, 2016

Five hundred thousand French Huguenots (Protestants) left France by the early 18th century following persecution and murder by the Catholic Church. They dispersed to England, Holland, other European countries, and colonies in Africa, the Dutch East Indies, and North America. Many settled in South Carolina, becoming farmers and businessmen, prospering as slave owners and traders. Both my parents are descended from the Huguenot ministers who served the Huguenot in Church Charleston, SC. The sister of one of my later ancestors married a slave trader. Why are lessons of oppression unlearned? The oppressed becomes the oppressor with little memory of their own, or their ancestors suffering. The chains of slavery tear apart the highly symbolic Huguenot Cross; the Beatitudes fall from the points of the cross, the hearts at the base of the fleur-de-lys are chained, and the Descending Dove of the Holy Spirit weeps.


  • Sacred Threads, July, 2017, traveling through May, 2019, initial venue Herndon, VA, traveling for two years.
  • Foothills Unitarian Church, solo show for Social Justice, Oppressed to Oppressor, No Fracking in My Backyard, They Persisted.