Gathering Red – 2012: Photo Timothy J. Fuss

Gathering Red – 2012 Photo by Timothy J. Fuss

Kitty Jospé wrote a poem originally called “Gathering Red” when I requested a second poem about color.  Overnight she created a draft that inspired my second color/poetry quilt.  Her imagery with words moves my heart to create.  A photo of the final piece is on the cover of her second book of poetry, Gathering Lines, featuring the final version of “Gathering.”


  • Front Range Contemporary Quilters “New Beginnings”, November, 2015, Teal Spring and Gathering Red, Lake, CO.
  • Genesee Valley Quilt Club 2013 Show, May/June, 2013: Teal Spring, Gathering Red,
  • Lower Falls Center Gallery, Rochester, NY; Text and Texture, January –February, 2013: Gathering Red

Imagining Red

   Kathryn (Kitty) Jospé, 2012

Barn-red bright

or  burgundy blood—

prevalence of fire-licked color


not always rainbow streaming

through stained glass

leaping salmon flecks.

Red scolds like cardinals

bubbles like jazzberry jam,

“Indian red” renamed as

“chestnut”, crayola’s “flesh”

turns to


Ruby, rust—

how do you imagine

dream-jewel or dust, red-winged

kettle-worth of apples for your

lips, cheeks, colors rising,

settling to a meddling of red

snapping the matador cape,

the flagman radical advising.

The light tricks the sky,

paints delights,


Now what do you notice?