No Fracking In My Backyard – 2013

No Fracking in My Backyard – 2013

With the threat of fracking in central New York, I looked out on our beloved Finger Lakes and envisioned the damage that could be done by the process. The poisoning of the water and air, the loss of birds and fish, the threat to the farming around them, and destroying of the beauty was just too much. This is a protest of the fracking process. This work was purchased and donated to the Loveland, CO environmental offices. Luckily, New York banned fracking in the region.


Foothills Unitarian Church, solo show for Social Justice, Oppressed to Oppressor, No Fracking in My Backyard, They Persisted.

ArtRage Gallery, Syracuse, NY; Spoken Threads: Craftivist Fiber Art, November-December, 2013:  invited work.